Ridge Runner Kennels 

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We have partnered with Wissink Heritage Farm and now offer World Class English Cocker Spaniels. Check out the ECS's page to meet our new additions.

We have lived in the upper Clearwater river Region of Idaho for most of our lives. Andrea has been here since she was in grade school. 

 Our dogs, helped us take any opportunity to get out and see our country. Andrea guides upland game during the fall months.

 We recognized that there's no better way to see our country then getting out in it. It's a bonus when it's over a great dog! From Chukar canyons to forested Grouse country.  Stream bottoms and farm fields for Pheasants, Hungarian Partridge, and Quail.

Our dogs have helped us see it all and we are grateful to live in a place where we can.

 Andrea, Will, and Ian Mahorney of RRK GSP's

We have been blessed to own shorthairs for over 10 years. They are wonderful to have in our home with our children and they have grown up together. The kids  poke, pry, jab, and pull anything they can get their fingers on or into and take full advantage of a good dog laying still.

We are a small kennel devoted to upholding the GSP standard through good breeding. Whether you are looking for another family member or serious upland hunting companion our dogs deliver.


Q, Whats the difference between a GSP and a DK.?

A. In my opinion this difference is one based solely on bloodlines and registry. I asked a Bulgarian hunter once " what does Deutsch Kurzhaar stand for in Bulgarian? " He said it means Deutsch, German and Kurzhaar, Shorthair. So there you have it. Bloodlines and registry. The true blood Deutsch Kurzhaar are imported direct from Europe or are bred in america but only to other DK's. They are generally not in the AKC registry but to the NADKC, or North American Deutsch Kurshaar Club. They do not have as big of run in them. They are more diversely bred, by this I mean their skills are not focused on one ability but on many, like blood tracking ,and water work. The American GSP has been bred primarily upland they are all bird brain and they are very good at it. 

As far as temperment both are great family dogs. Both have a lot of energy and require an outlet for that. Be it walks quad runs, a big back yard, kids, other dogs, hunting, training, playing fetch. You name it they will be there with you.

 The DK is a better water dog overall, The GSP is a bigger harder running upland bird dog. Ask questions, get answers. Here at Ridge Runner we have both sides of the same coin. We have American bred GSP's but Harley is bred much closer to her European ancestors (a few generations) then say Mira who's lines have been bred in the USA for 40+ years. Having said that about Mira and my comment above about american GSP's being bred to be just bird brains. Mira even after generations of being bred for the birds. She has successfully tracked 2 wounded animals, a deer and an elk so shoutout to her versatility and her genetic makup shining through. 

Ask me a question on our contact page and I will answer the best I can.